Seed for gem stone fabrication

Seed for gem stone fabrication

Lab Grown Diamond

Lab Grown Diamond
Lab Grown Diamond is a artificial gem stone made by CVD method. High quality gem stone can be made by this method using of high quality seeds.

The growth in CVD method

As the growth in CVD method can not make the size of diamond larger, size of seed dominate the final diamond gem stone weight. The largest seed from EDP is 10x10mm and this can fabricate 3 crat or larger loose. You can select the size of seed from 5x5mm to 10x10mm. The regular thickness of seed is 0.3 or 0.2mm but you may require the thickness.
The surface of seed is oriented as (100). Regular side wall is also (100) but you may ask the side wall as (110). EDP recommends unpolished seed but polishing is capable for every seed size.
Seed from EDP is very stable quality and no sector which would contribute for effective fabrication of gem stone.

Item Size(mm) Othres
SH773 7×7×0.3
SH773j 7×7×0.3 Side wall(110)
SH882 8×8×0.2
SH993 9×9×0.3
SH10103 10×10×0.3

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