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We offer large and high purity diamonds which are unobtainable by mining and HPHT.

Our products specific calactoristics and quality


Large crystals

We maunfacture large diamonds that are unobtainable by mining and HPHT. We offer diamond plates with the maximum size of 15x15mm as single crystals and 30x30mm as mosaic crsytals.


Plate-shaped products

Plate shape is required in most diamond applications. In the case of three dimensionally grown crystals, slicing and polishing of both sides are needed. We offer plate-shaped crystals by low cost, because we grow diamonds in the shape of plate.


Flexible products thickness

We are able to control thickness of products in a range from 0.03 to 3 mm (100 times) by regulation of duration time of diamond growth. We offer required thickness fitting for each customer demand.


Various specifications /

Requirements of substrates by R&D persons are unique one by one because their steps are on initial stage to investigate its essential parts, and we EDP has prepared those substrates for their demands. We will offer them, such as high quality plates, ones formed semiconductor layer on substrates, ones specified its crystal plane and so on.


Shaping by laser cutting

We carry out laser cutting on our products in order to obtain proper shapes. It is possible to cut them by processing accuracy of several tens of μm for round or squre shapes. We offer suitable shape for customer demands.


Surface treatments eg, Metalization

We offer various surface treatments, such as metalization ( 3 layers by Au/TiN/Ti ), hydrogen termination, oxygen termination, etc.



Most natural mined diamonds contain large amout of nitorgen as impurity. Our diamonds are high purity crystals (nitrogen content < 8 ppm).  

Hardness :
Thermal conductivity :
Thermal expansion coefficicen :
Resistivity :

Off angles

A crystal plane of {100} appears on all of our manufactured synthetic diamonds. The plane is tilted from the surface by 3 degree.

#our measured data

Optical transmission characteristics

There is almost no absorption in IR region. On the other hand, visible and ultraviolet are absorbed as shown in color of our cystals. Compared with type Ib diamond (the nitrogen density > 200 ppm), our cystal shows better transparency at ultraviolet region, in which band-edge absorption of 225 nm appears. Diamond is useful material for IR optical components. In addition, diamond is one of the promising candidates for high energy density optics and X-ray optics, because of the high thermal conductivity.


Selection of Polishing

Customers can choose accuracy of polishing, "standard" (Ra<5nm) or "fine" (Ra<2nm) on one side or both sides. In addition, we can supply sidewall-polihsed products.

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