Fabrication Technology Applications

Diamond has remarkable characteristics for hardness, thermal conductivity, refractivity, and so on. We comply with customers' demands for various applications, utilizing the characteristics.

Expanding Applications of Single Crystals


Diamond Jewelry

Most diamond jewels synthesized by MPCVD are grown upto several millimeters on seed crystals of approx. 0.3 mm. Laser cutting and polishing processes form the grown crystals into jewels. We EDP offers seed crystals in sizes ranging from 4x4mm to 15x15mm.


Diamond Substrates for R&D usage

We EDP offers products with the maximal size of 15x15mm as single crystals and 30x30mm as mosaic crsytals for various R&D usage such as diamond devices. In addition, we provide various thickness in a range from 30μm to 3mm. The sufaces of our standard products show {100}. We can offer products with other orientations such as {110} and {111}, according to customers' demands. Customers can choose accuracy of polishing, "standard" (Ra<5nm) or "fine" (Ra<2nm). We also provide high crystallinity products controlled by an X-ray diffractometer, substrates with a controlled off-angle, and substates with a B-dope epitaxial layer.


Heat Spreaders

Self-heating damages semiconductor lasers and power devices, and results in the degradation of their performance . Diamonds is suitable for heatsink material, owing to its high thermal conductivty, small size and thin thickness, which contribute to small occupied volume. In addition, we offer metalized materials for connection of devices.


Optical components

Diamonds are suitable for optical material, because diamonds have good transparency in the region ranging from ultraviolet and far-infrared. Owing to high thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion, diamond components withstand incidence of electromagnetic wave with high energy flux. We can provide extremely thin X-ray transmission windows for minimizing transmission loss.


Precision cutting tools

We provide cutting tools and wear resistant tools with long length edge which has been unable to be manufactured from usual single crystals. Only our company provides such long length edge tools over 10mm.

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