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Synthetic Diamonds Fabricated by Microwave Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) Method

In recent years, the market for synthetic diamonds has been expanding dramatically. EDP produces and sells diamond seeds necessary for the production of synthetic diamonds, by microwave plasma CVD method.


Diamond Seeds in Wide Range of Sizes

Fabrication by the microwave plasma CVD method does not increase in size of crystals grown from diamond seeds. The size of the diamond seeds determines the size of the final gem stones. EDP provides diamond seeds up to 15 x 15 mm that can produce gem stones of 10 carats or more. You can choose the diamond seeds size from 5 x 5 mm to 15 x 15 mm, depending on the size of the gem stones to be fabricated. The standard thickness is 0.3 mm, but other thicknesses are available upon request. EDP diamond seeds are of stable quality and have no sectors, which enables efficient production of gem stones.

Model Number Size (mm) Remarks
SH773 7×7×0.3
SH773Q 7×7×0.3 Side faces (110)
SH883 8×8×0.3
SH993 9×9×0.3
SH10103 10×10×0.3
SH11113 11×11×0.3
SH12123 12×12×0.3
SH13133 13×13×0.3
SH14143 14×14×0.3
SH15153 15×15×0.3

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