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and Governance

EDP aims for
Clean & Green Diamonds

EDP believes that it is important to make the company-wide effort to promote global environmental initiatives which is a universal theme, and steadily raise the level.


Providing Diamonds without Negative Aspects

Mining of natural diamonds needs mines.
Some excavation sites require harsh labor, and it is also problem that child labor, and influences on the global environment such as deforestation caused by development.
Synthetic diamonds fabricated by science and technology which do not require inhumane labor or deforestation.
Synthetic diamond is the new ultimate environmentally friendly material.



Contribution to Energy Saving and High-Speed Data Communication

EDP will develop larger synthetic diamond wafers and proceed with development in collaboration with device manufacturers.
In the future, we will contribute to energy saving of automobiles and railways and the realization of a new generation of high-speed data communication.


Carbon Neutrality

Diamonds Fabrication by Renewable Energy

"Electricity" is necessary for the fabrication of synthetic diamonds, and its cost accounts for the majority of the production cost.
EDP will work on decarbonization that contributes to the global environment, such as using renewable energy for the necessary electricity, and will promote ESG efforts from various angles.


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